• Aroma Mask for Juniors - Lavender + Chamomile

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Lavendula angustifolio, or Lavender, is the most commonly used essential oil for children as it is not irritable, and it helps to treat and protect their young skins. Lavender aroma also has a calming effect and relieves tension in both adults and children. The essential oil of Athemis Nobilis, or chamomile, also has many benefits for children; it helps to treat sensitive skin and is also used when babies start teething. Furthermore, if your child has skin problems, a blend of lavender oil and chamomile oil can be used to mitigate the problems.

This mask is made with Diafine™ a special fabric developed by Beaudiani. Diafine™ has microfiber fabric designed to gently cover your skin without irritating the skin cells and to keep to retain the maximum amount of Beaudiani’s essence. The innerlayer contains cellulose and seaweed fiber to retain as much moisture as possible and deliver the nutrients in an efficient manner. 

Contains 20g x 5 sheets.

  1. Cleanse your face and apply toner.
  2. Open the mask packet and smell the wonderful scent of the essence.
  3. Apply mask evenly across your face. 
  4. Wear mask for 15-20 minutes and relax.
  5. Slowly take the mask off and massage excess essence onto skin until dry.

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