From Korea,
With Love

Our products are handpicked by the experts at Mishe Beauty, famous for their sophisticated formulas and natural ingredients.

Our Story

For over 20 years, my family has been serving the Southern California community high-quality beauty products from top-of-the-line haircare products to European skincare. On a Seoul searching trip to Korea, I discovered the world of Korean Beauty. I was overwhelmed by the quality of advanced ingredients and new innovations that were being produced. Back in Los Angeles, I was determined to honor my roots and dive deeper into the K-Beauty market. I wanted to bring two worlds together... the merging of Western Science and Eastern Aesthetic. My vision was to provide an accessible marketplace with the best and most innovative skin and hair products both worlds have to offer. I can proudly say that my dream is now a reality with Mishe Beauty.

Mishe is the union of two worlds! Our name says it all. In Korean "Mi" means beauty, while "She" refers to a woman in English. Thus, Mishe stands for the merging of both worlds offering the highest standard of beauty products for the global community.

The Mishe

Why Korean Beauty?

Korean beauty lines offer advanced technologies, a vast array of natural ingredients new to the West (think fermented plant essences or bird’s nest), and a variety of formulas, all of which are to be applied in a precise order. Korean beauty routines use innovative application methods such as sheet masks, facial oils, and sleeping packs, and many Korean beauty routines have ten steps - or more!

Now more than ever, Korean ingredients and application methods are growing in popularity among Western customers who want to have flawless skin, regardless of their age or skin type. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either — Korean skincare consumers have so many choices that companies must keep prices low to compete, without sacrificing quality. Ingredients and formulations that only appear in luxury products in the West are common in Korean skincare.

It may seem intimidating, but we at Mishe Beauty are here to guide you, helping you select the best products for your skin type and goals. In the end, we want you to feel happy, pampered, and glowing inside and out.

The Mishe Process

Our robust editing process means that only a small percentage of the products we test will be approved. This means if we've approved a product, you can trust that we believe in it and that it works.

Don't waste your time trying product after product. The Mishe Process saves you time and money and allows you to look and feel on top of the world. Everything we sell, must be approved. When we test we focus on effectiveness, innovation, and uniqueness of the brand.

1. Discover

We talk to everyday clients to find out what their needs are. We talk with R&D labs for the latest innovations. We keep our ears to the ground to hear what is trending. From bloggers to magazine editors, we searc out to discover the best products. But that is not enough, we then test them.

2. Test

With our diverse group of experienced makeup artists, hair stylists, aestheticians, and beauty influencers, we test every product. We study the product from the inside out so you can be assured that the product/brand meets the highest standards. Importantly, we also vet harmful ingredients so our clients never have to worry about their health. We do all of this without compromising effectiveness.

3. Approve

This is the final step... After our testing stage, we gather our feedback and edit. If we concur that the product meets our standards then and only then does it get stamped with the Mishe Stamp of Approval.