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Trending Finger Mitts - Whamisa Joins the Party

Finger mitts are a newly trending product category in the crazy and innovative world of Korean beauty. Ju Rhyu of Inside the Raum explains, “The finger pad is nothing new in the US. We have it in the mass category with brands like Clearasil and their Cleansing Pads … The next gen ones from Korea take it to the next level in a few ways.

June 2017 - Featured Products of the Month

June is an exciting month for us, as we have added a large variety of new additions to our stock. Some of our favorite brands have released new, innovative, and fun products that we can’t wait to share with you! Without further ado… our featured products of the month! Drumroll please…

May 2017 - Featured Products of the Month

We have a fairly large selection of beauty products and sometimes it’s hard to decide on which products to try. Although we test and approve all products listed on our store, every once in a while we like to recommend and recognize some stars! Here are some products that stood out to us this month

Brand Introduction: Whamisa

Whamisa carries an impressive range of products, including skin care, hair care, and body care. 

Determining Your Skin Type (2 methods)

In order to develop an effective, personalized skin care routine you must first know what kind of skin you have. Depending on your skin type, your skin will have different needs from others. Some products are created for specific skin types, and some products may not be suitable for certain skin types. 

Brand Introduction: Dr. Tisha

By focusing on the development of differentiated new bio-materials, Dr. Tisha developed the microneedle (Phytosilica), a nature-oriented new material that enhances skin regeneration. Find out why we have so much respect for this brand!

7 Misconceptions / Myths About K-Beauty

There are a lot of misconceptions about K-Beauty here in the United States, which is understandable (there are misconceptions about Western products in Asia, it’s a two-way street). Let’s bust some myths. 

Coachella: Your Beauty Essentials to Keep You Feeling Refreshed All Weekend

Heading out to Coachella Music Festival this weekend? We’ve curated a comprehensive guide to prep and protect your skin from the dry, desert weather conditions of the Coachella Valley.

The Mishe Report -- Coming Soon!

Hold on tight! The Mishe Report will be launching soon to bring you the latest trends, reviews, and exclusive products. 

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