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Liquid Sanitizer Sensor Spray

  • STOP WASTING SANITIZER: Most people use way too much hand sanitizer and end up drying out their hands. We wanted to design a device that gently sanitize your hands, while still maintaining the level of disinfecting that you need. Our dispenser uses a technology called ultrasonic atomization to break the sanitizer into a cloud of sanitizing particles that evenly coats all surfaces of your hands.
  • TOUCHLESS APPLICATION: The automatic alcohol dispenser uses infrared rays to detect movement through wavelength technology. When turned on, the touchless portable sterilizer will spray alcohol mist to sterilize any surface for until you remove the object from the infrared port.
  • RECHARGEABLE: 1200 mAh rechargeable, battery.  This free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser can be charged through the USB port. Three sponge sticks and cables are provided. 
  • PORTABLE: Portable hand sanitizer dispenser fits in cup holder of your car, purse, or bag. The mini hand alcohol sprayer will disinfect on the go or use it as a Hand Sanitizer Desk Dispenser in the office, next to the computer. Portable enough to use multiple units as hand sanitizer stations.
  • WARNING: ① Do not use Essential Oils, Gel, Chlorine-containing Disinfectants (such as bleach or 409 disinfectants, etc. ), or Distilled Water, which will cause the cotton swab to clog and the mister to be unusable. ② Please make sure the cotton core has soaked a few minutes before you turn it on. ③ 1 Year Warranty and Friendly Customer Service. 

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